We supply thermal transfer ribbons for most makes of label printers, in various types and grades to suit your specific printing requirements.

The ribbons are available in the following types:


Economy and Quality

Competitive ribbons for printing variable information on barcode, identification and logistics labels

The AWR®/AWX® range of Wax Thermal Transfer films is an economical label printing solution using flat head thermal printers. ARMOR Wax ribbons offer particularly high levels of performance for printing entry-level or coated paper labels.​

They have been designed to offer optimum protection of the print head.The various Wax Thermal Transfer ribbons vary according to the amount of print energy they require, by their darkness and by their level of resistance to abrasion.


Performance and Versatility

High performance ribbons for printing variable information on labels and flexible packaging.

The ARMOR Wax-Resin range (APR®/APX®) is used in a large number of applications, whether for printing paper or synthetic labels or for flexible packaging.​​

ARMOR Wax-Resin Thermal Transfer films have numerous qualities: high speed printing (up to 1 metre per second on packing lines), durability, print resistance and print accuracy compatible with barcodes at 90°. The ARMOR range includes Wax-Resin Thermal Transfer ribbons dedicated to two thermal printer technologies: Flat-head and Near-edge.


High Resistance and Durability

Ultra-high performance Thermal Transfer ribbons for demanding print applications.

​​Products from the AXR® range are designed for extremely demanding applications. Composed of highly technological products, the ARMOR Resin range is particularly recommended for synthetic print media (PE, PP, PET).​​

The main differences with Resin ribbons are associated with their resistance qualities: abrasion, temperature, solvents and certain detergents. Particular ribbons have been designed for specific applications (such as for printing on textiles). The ARMOR range includes Resin Thermal Transfer ribbons dedicated to two main thermal printer technologies: Flat-head and Near-edge.